Melyssa Griffin

Course Branding

Sales Page Design

Website Development

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa was looking for a high converting sales page for her signature course, Aligned Abundance. Unlike courses she had launched in the past, she was looking for a fresh look & feel that really captured the depth and emotion covered in this experience, paired with the hard-hitting business knowledge. She wanted the site to mirror the actual experience & quality that someone would feel once accepted into the program.

The Branding

Although I was tasked to create a landing page that felt fresh & elevated for the Aligned Abundance program, I didn't want to stray too far away from Melyssa's core brand identity. They needed to exist in the same family. I did this by keeping the typography consistent, and introducing new colors that complemented her existing ones. I continued to use some hand drawn elements to expand upon her existing brand in a direction that felt a bit more natural & organic.

The Sales Page

Next, we designed a layout for her sales page that could hold all of her content, testimonials, and important info to help her audience make a decision & apply to the program. We kept the traditional sales page model in most areas of the site, leaning heavily on testimonials and descriptive benefits. In others, we improved upon the user experience by adding sliders and other UX components that shortened the sales page scroll.