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Aliza Kelly

Aliza Kelly is a celebrity astrologer, bestselling author, and a TV & podcast host. After many years of building her brand, writing books, and spreading her astrology knowledge far and wide on Instagram, she came to me looking to take her business to the next level. We started with a brand refresh, giving her a bold new look that could be used across all of her platforms. Our biggest task, however, was to build a new digital eCommerce website to sell her bite-sized video workshops, customized to your unique birth chart.

The Brand

Aliza's style is bold, fun, and uniquely her, working perfectly as the cornerstone for the brand visuals. She was deeply inspired by the iconic London store Biba, that made waves in the 1960's and 70's. A little mod, a little witchy, and with an artistic flare, this branding fit like a glove for Aliza.

The Website

There were a few different factors we needed to consider when choosing the right platform for Aliza's digital workshops. First, we wanted the backend to be easy to use, so Aliza could manage the content on her own, uploading new content as she creates it. Next, we wanted a high-quality & filterable digital shop so customers could easily find the videos that related to them, something many of the DIY course platforms don't offer. Third, we wanted to use an existing course platform to host the content, giving users the ability to sign-in without creating something completely from scratch. Work smarter, not harder :)

We did all of this with Webflow, creating a completely custom website & astrology storefront on the front, while using the tech of existing software on the backend. Best of both worlds.