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Daydreamers is on a mission to kick burnout to the curb by reintroducing creative hobbies back into millennials lives. They encourage you to break out of the work, eat, sleep, hamster wheel and tap into activities that are proven to reduce stress and ease your mind.

The Branding Challenge

To create a brand identity that felt like you were entering a dream world of your own imagination. To be creative, but not overly artistic. Colorful but also calming. Nostalgic to a millenial's childhood hobbies, but not child-like. Next up – build an ecomm enabled website that exceeded expectations and transported the customer to a new world of creativity and flow.

The Website

Daydreamers was looking for a totally unique experience when it came to their website. They wanted a digital home for their flagship product, "The Leisurist Toolkit". I built something completely custom, using Webflow Ecommerce, to create a shopping experience that invited you into their creative dream world. Given that there was only one product to be sold, we had more room to think outside the box as we told the Daydreamer story, and the reason why this product exists.