Kaelin and Kyrah

Brand Identity

Web Design

Webflow Development

Podcast Cover Art

The Branding

Kaelin & Kyrah knew their personal tastes well, opting for earthy tones paired with clean and sophisticated fonts. In addition, we chose to add a handwritten font for a touch of warmth to the overall look. Flexibility was key, opting for a wide array of colors that could be used for different types of content across their site.

The Website

With over 1.8 million subscribers on Youtube, Kaelin & Kyrah are no strangers to the digital space. But despite their loads of content on the internet, they had yet to invest in a cohesive website that was all their own. With a new book and a podcast launching all within a month of each other, they knew it was time to bring it all under one easy to access digital roof. Our goals were simple, create a cohesive and easy to use site that connects ALL of their online ventures, and build a site with the big picture growth in mind. That meant something they could grow into and expand upon when their next ideas emerged. We did exactly that.