Victoria Jane

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The Brand

When diving into the brand strategy for Victoria, we did a lot of discovery of other Human Design readers in the space and how they were positioning themselves. Up until this point, Human Design was predominantly talked about as a spiritual modality and practice, often lacking grounded and practical action steps that make it more accessible to the everyday person. This also happened to be the special sauce that Victoria brings to all of her readings, videos, and group coaching sessions – tangible & grounded wisdom and advice. Pairing that insight with Victoria's love for the desert, we created a brand identity that focused on HD as a useful and accessible tool, like that of a roadmap, to connect with her audience.

The Website

Originally built on Squarespace, Victoria came to us looking to revamp her entire site and include new features and content beyond what her current site could hold. The biggest change was adding an Ecomm library of videos unique to people's Human Design chart. Some important features included having searchable products & a seamless checkout experience.

In addition to the smaller videos, Victoria also teaches a Live program & certification, requiring a detailed sales page and multiple purchasing options and tiers.

Next, we built a robust CMS for her free content, incorporated her existing blog posts with not only episodes from her new podcast, but all the episodes she has been a guest on as well. All searchable by descriptive tags related to the intricacies of Human Design.

Last but not least, we included a means to book 1-on-1 readings with Victoria, or search through her list of recommended readers like a marketplace.