Semi-custom web design

The foundation

Get a website that fits your exact brand & business model in weeks (not months) and let us customize one of our pre-built website blueprints designed for creators and online business owners that are ready to grow.

The foundation

custom websites in half the time

Get a website that fits your exact brand & business model in weeks (not months) by customizing one of our pre-built website blueprints designed for creators and online business owners that are ready to grow.

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so, you need a new website

building a business online isn't one-size-fits-all

It’s time to ditch the DIY. The truth is, your website template wasn’t made for you. It was made for someone like you that fits into a neat little box, and that won’t cut it when you’re trying to build a business your way. In fact, it could cost you.

website template mockup

Your new digital home should start with a strong foundation.

A better way to get a custom website

Like any good house, your website’s success depends on the bones it was built on. The right platform. The right strategy. The right structure. The right tools. All to make a more enjoyable experience for your visitors, making them feel right at home with your brand. Our range of pre-built website foundations are the starting point, but how you choose to customize them is entirely up to you. We’ll work with you, 1-on-1, to build your dream site for you, not someone like you.

And the best part?

The Foundation is made to evolve with you. Through every season of entrepreneurship, late night idea, & pivot. Browse our library of sections & components to add on as needed, or order up some custom pages for that new course you just built. Best of both worlds, baby.

Our Foundations in use

From foundation to fully-built website. Enjoy these sneak peeks and stay tuned for the launch of the full collection of designs.

4M Marketing

Service 01 Foundation

Service based business website template by Studio Madz

Conscious Closets

Service 02 Foundation

Conscious Closets website design by Studio MadzService based business website template

Best Coast Surf Club

Service 01 Foundation

Service based business website template by Studio Madz

Aero Labs

Agency 01 Foundation

Aero Labs website design by Studio MadzA website template for an agency
what's included

the features of your foundation


1 Website Foundation

Choose from one of our pre-built website blueprints to start as the foundation for your new website. Customize it with us to your liking and get a polished website that will truly feel like home.


Strategy Session

Hop on a zoom call and let’s go over your brand vibe, message, offers, and goals for your site. We’ll finalize your chosen blueprint & highlight the customizations and add-ons that will bring you the most value.


Basic Brand Kit

If you don’t already have your own branding, we’ll create a unique identity for you that includes a word mark logo, color palette, typography, & overall direction for your site & content.

2 Week Process

This process is built to move quickly. You’ll prep your content before we start, so we can spend our time creating, customizing, & fine-tuning your site, all built in Webflow, the most powerful platform for custom design & growing businesses.


Video Training Library

Get access to your own video training library to edit & manage your site moving forward. When your project ends, you get 2 weeks of included support as you get to know your new site.


Ongoing Support

When your website is in need of some upgrades, we’re here to help. We offer affordable hourly rates exclusively to our clients to keep all future remodels & renovations easy-breezy.

Pick your blueprint & get customizing

We'll help you choose the right design blueprint to build the strongest foundation for your new website. Then, add customizations and notes directly on the page to build your perfect site, consulting with us on the best way to reach your goals.

  • Choose your website blueprint
  • Add, update, & edit sections or entire pages
  • Integrate your favorite business tools for automations & improved workflows

Build the brand & develop the site

We’ll start building your branding kit & creative direction based on everything we’ve discussed in the strategy phase, implementing it directly to your site’s foundation for your own unique vibe.

  • Basic branding kit included (upgrades available)
  • Submit your copy & watch your site come to life
  • Unique animations to tell your story visually

Upgrade & Edit as you grow

When new ideas & projects pop-up, simply submit a request to us via email or Slack with the changes you need. For lightening fast turnaround, browse our library of popular components & pages to easily upgrade your site for your next launch.

  • Access to pre-built website components library
  • Affordable hourly rates for ongoing updates
  • Support when you need it, as you need it.
website feedback componentwebsite templates and designsa web component to subscribe
The details

Let’s start building your new digital home

Save $250
One-time payment
Foundation prices will vary depending on the level of advanced features included
2 monthly payments
Monthly prices will vary depending on your chosen Foundation

The foundation may be right for you if…

You are bored by the cookie-cutter DIY templates & want a site you are proud to show off

You want support to reach your goals faster & with less stress

You love the freedom to pivot & experiment within your business

You want to edit your site’s content easily & on your own time

You want to start strong, even if the 5-year plan isn’t clear yet

You want flexibility & more advanced features to scale your biz

You like to work smarter, not harder


Not sure if this offer is right for you? Click below for a 20 minute intro call to see if this service is the right fit for you.

What can we customize on my chosen Blueprint?

Add/remove sections & pages. Switch up the main hero section for a unique flare. Refine layouts to match your content & writing. Get your site set up to integrate with your favorite tools & workflows, all while leveraging the solid & strategic foundation the site is built on.

Will I be doing the brand customizations?

No. This isn't a DIY template. This is a done-for-you service that gives you the benefit of our expertise to refine your site to have the biggest impact for your business goals. Save yourself the time & headaches of trying to figure it all out on your own & get it done right.

Can I edit my site in the future?

Yes. Webflow uses a visual "client-friendly" editor for the simple changes, like updating copy, photos, videos, and any CMS content (blogs, digital products, podcast episodes, team members, etc.) We'll also provide clear & short video trainings that show you exactly how to update the most important pieces of your site. For any changes you need beyond that, you can book our "web upgrades" service at affordable & exclusive hourly rates only available to our existing clients.

Can I purchase this for any website platform?

Currently, we only offer this service for use with Webflow, a platform that we believe to be the best out there for high-quality & custom web experiences that are built to grow. If you are currently on another platform, we'd be happy to discuss the pros and cons of switching for your unique business.

What if my current website is hosted on another platform?

That's fine! If this isn't the first iteration of your website, we will handle the export & transfer of your existing content from your current platform (Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, etc.) to Webflow. We'll handle all the technical stuff like domain setup, content management, SEO considerations, and URL redirects to make sure the transition is seamless.